The Highlight Reel

Here are a few links to media files to give you a sense of the care with which I present my listings. I draw on my art and film background and take a direct role in supervising each photography and video session, designing all printed matter, and generally ensuring a high level of presentation quality in every listing. The online world is filled with images and videos of listings, and it’s critical to make your home pop, and rise above that noise. This means sweating the details.

5600 Lake Edge Road #107 | McFarland
Sold @ $695,000

This amazing condo overlooking Lake Waubesa was a little tight to work in, so my objective was to highlight the great layout and livability. I also used drone footage to highlight the siting of the building.

609 Ozark Trail | Madison
Sold @ $523,000

This custom home drew over 75 visitors at its first open house, and a cash offer $25,000 over list price walked through the door before I locked up. Others followed. I got a call from someone in Europe who had seen this listing online, and told me it had helped finalize his decision to accept a job offer in Madison.

This is a great example of my staging methods. I do my own staging, and my approach is to curate, tune-up, and tweak what is already in the home, with a few small details added. My objective is to stage a home in a way that doesn’t look staged. In this instance, I added decorative objects and books from my own collection, re-arranged and re-hung most of the artwork, and made subtle adjustments to the placement of furniture and floor coverings – to present prospective buyers with a home, not a showroom for discount-store furniture.

305 Blue Ridge Parkway | Madison
Sold @ $528,000

My visionary seller had transformed this originally dark, maze-like 1960s home into something open and modern, with a jaw-dropping kitchen/dining/living area. This is another example of my use of subtle staging techniques. Here, I re-hung all of the artwork in the home at consistent heights (museum-standard 53″-56″ from floor to center), made sure curtain rods and other linear elements were level, revealed the windows, exposed the corners and focal points, and added a few decorative objects (in particular some vertical pieces that helped to visually activate the imagery). Using these techniques, online images and VR tours can communicate a clearer sense of the parameters of each interior space.

1418 Morrison Street | Madison
Sold @ $530,000

This was a little tough. A super-fun home in a great location, solid renovations, and pretty good condition for a 75 year-old home. But the home had originally been built as a two-flat: it was long and narrow, and difficult to photograph without resorting to those distorted, fish-eye lens “realtor photos” we all know so well. The key with this VR tour was to supplement the still photos by clearly conveying a sense of the flow of the rooms, which were punctuated by a sunlit stairway off the front door, tailor-made for bounding up and down two steps at a time. This listing had an accepted offer from an out-of-town buyer before the end of the first weekend.