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It’s 2023, and there are many ways to search for homes. You’ve probably already lost some of your eyesight poring over listings on a tiny screen. I want to take your search beyond your phone.

I had been in and out of the house hunt for a few years before I met Grant. He was the first realtor who really took the time to understand me and my unusual combination of interests and aesthetics. (J.W., Middleton)

My search methods are active: as my Buyer Client, you’ll get more than an automated feed of listings; you’ll also get curated lists of prospects based on our discussions, I’ll preview listings for you, and I’ll take the time to understand what really inspires you. With my access to off-market properties, I might also surprise you.

Managing The Process

The Madison-area market is competitive. It can be challenging to navigate, and having an experienced agent at your side is essential. Writing a successful offer requires skilled analysis, creativity, knowledge, clear communication, an understanding of how homes are made and how they work, risk management, an ability to understand the motivations of sellers, and knowing what questions to ask, and how and when to ask them. It requires a unique combination of skills.

Grant is an outstanding real estate agent. We recently bought our first house, and with Grant as our agent, we felt comfortable, informed, and confident that we were making the decision which was right for us. You can tell he personally wants to ensure his clients’ happiness and peace of mind. (P.T. and S.T., Madison)

Tell me something about you and your home search story using the form below. I strive to make sure that every conversation I have with each prospective client is relevant and useful, and I won’t SPAM you.

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(NOTE: MARCH 10, 2023…FORM UNDER REPAIR Please contact me here!